adGoogle Adwords is an effective form of internet marketing that allows you to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales and promote your company image.

With Google Adwords you will be able to target ads to customers in certain countries, regions, cities or within a set distance from your company/shop, this is beneficial as the areas are specific to your company. You are also able to reach the right people at the right time by getting your business found on Google at the top precisely when they are searching for the products/services that you offer, the only catch is that once your daily budget has ran out you will no longer appear on the listings for the keywords that you want.

Our company specialises in Google Adwords and are able to set up, manage and refine your Google Adwords campaign. Most companies think that setting up and managing their Google Adwords is a simple process however they forget the importance of refining their campaign so that they can cut down on clicks from people who are searching about the internet in general. Here at our company our specialists are highly trained in Google Adwords and have the knowledge to provide a service that allows you to get the most from this form of internet marketing.

Our Google Adwords management service includes:

  • Setting up your Adwords campaign
  • socialKeyword research and grouping
  • Adword design and setup
  • Managing optimum display positions
  • Managing optimum display times
  • Delivering visitors to specific product pages
  • Monitoring your campaign performance
  • Ongoing campaign budget management


There is no contract with our Google Adwords management service so if you feel that this form of marketing isn’t for you then you are free to walk away.

We provide decent prices for our Google Adwords management services and are able to provide this service for a price that is within every companies budget. Our team will be able to listen to your requirements and provide you with a free quote beforehand.

If you are a business owner or individual who is interested in this service then you should get in touch with us, one of our team will then be able to tell you more about what is involved in our management service.